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Screencasting for support tickets

Jamie Miller
posted this on June 06, 2012 05:46 PM

Zendesk has partnered with Screenr to embed screencasting functionality into tickets. This feature allows customers and Engine Yard staff to share what they are seeing via screencast and embed that right into the ticket.

Please be sure to read the Important notes section at the bottom of this article.

Record a screencast

It's super simple to use! Follow these steps:

Step 1) Click the Record Screencast link (below the Attach File link) in both new and existing ticket request forms. (The link in an existing ticket request form is shown below.)


Step 2) A dialog appears, warning you that an applet is requesting access to your computer. Click Allow. The recorder launches.


Step 3) Drag the gray How to Record box to the area on the page you want to record. Move and resize the frame as needed.

Step 4) Record! Click the red record button in the lower left; a three-second countdown occurs before the recording starts.


Step 5) Once you have finished recording, click the green "DONE" button.


Step 6) You can preview, cancel, or upload your video onto the ticket. Once it has been uploaded, you and the Engine Yard team will be able to view it. It's that easy!

Important notes:

  • Once you upload your video and click Submit for the ticket, your video cannot be removed.
  • We recommend that you review your video before uploading it to ensure there wasn't any unintended confidential information displayed or spoken.
  • Only users with access to your tickets (users from your organization and Engine Yard staff) have access to the video.
  • Use caution if you forward the system generated email; it will contain the video link as well.
  • Audio will record unless you mute the sound. By clicking on the microphone, you will have an option to use a built-in input, a built-in microphone, or not record audio at all.
  • Videos are limited to two minutes of recording time. (You can use the pause button during a recording.)

If you have feedback or questions about this page, add a comment below. If you need help, submit a ticket with Engine Yard Support.