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Engine Yard Internal Monitoring Tool FAQs

Keri Meredith
posted this on July 6, 2012, 9:28 AM

Updated: November 7th, 2013

What is the Engine Yard monitoring tool?

There is a monitoring collector running on Engine Yard accounts.

What impact does it have on customers' applications?

No impact; it is deployed as a precompiled system binary that does not use any programming language libraries that our customers applications use (Ruby/PHP/JAVA/Python/Perl/etc.).

How much of the system resources are used by the collectors?

Up to 1% of a single CPU used every 15-20 seconds, top shows 0% nearly all of the time. Less than 10MB RAM, typical usage is around 5MB.

What kinds of data are collected?

  • State and resource usage information:
    • System
    • Process
  • Logs that are useful for diagnosing issues and producing certification related audit reports:
    • SSH Authentication Logs
    • Syslogs
    • Error logs
  • Nagios information (which we already collect, using Nagios)

How does this benefit Engine Yard customers?

Enhanced monitoring and insight through a broader range of metrics collected.

  • Issue diagnosis - metrics collected better assist with identifying and resolving of issues by Engine Yard Support.
  • Post mortems - metrics on events leading up to and around critical issues collected.
  • Proactive prevention - we continue to refine our internal support tooling to take advantage of these new metrics in order to be more proactive in identifying and addressing issues for customers.

Can I see the data you collect?

No. Data collected is for internal use only in order to enable our support department and automation to provide higher quality services.

Can we opt out?

No. This communication is intended to provide full transparency to our customers. This tool is fundamental to helping Engine Yard do a better job for all customers.

Does this affect all Engine Yard products?

Yes; this tool has been running successfully on the Engine Yard platform since 2012.

Is this any relation to New Relic monitoring?

No. This is a separate tool with a separate focus on internal Engine Yard excellence.

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