Engine Yard Release Notes for October 31st 2022 (Stack stable-v7-1.0.9)

Release Version: stable-v7-1.0.9


Action: You apply the following changes the next time you click the Upgrade button for your Engine Yard Stack V7 environment.




  1. Fixed issue with the third party setup (PR: #137)
  2. Fixed puma issue upon deploying gemfile would not reload (PR: #135)
  3. Fixed issue where Postgres would fail first chef run(PR: #132)
  4. Fixed puma failing to to start after restarting instance(PR: #131)
  5. Removed desktop packages (This addresses packages already installed) (PR: #131)
  6. Added logentries support *only for 64bit based instances* (PR: #127)
  7. Fixed issue caused by collectd installing recommended packages (PR: #124)
  8. Fixed issue with sourcing packages (PR: #123)
  9. Changed Sidekiq so it no longer runs as root (PR: #119)
  10. Added Memcached support (PR: #111)
  11. Added New Relic Infrastructure recipe (PR: #109)
  12. Fixed worker count being incorrect on some instances. (PR: #116)

Image changes:


  • New versions of ruby for faster boot times
  • Reduced collectd packages 


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