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Engine Yard Release Notes - January 2018


Engine Yard Stack Release Notes for January 9th, 2018

Minor: Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 stack upgrade

Action: You apply the following changes the next time you click the Upgrade button for your Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 environment.

Note: For clarity, since we now have 2 Gentoo stacks, we refer to this stack as the Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 stack. You can access it by using the Stack select field in the Environment UI: stable-v5-3.0.37

It's best practice to upgrade your Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 (stable-v5) stack regularly for the latest security and product updates. This week's updates:

  • Updates Elixir Erlang 
  • Papertrail cookbook can now be configured to only setup in certain instances.
  • Adds a custom chef recipe to setup the New Relic Infrastructure agent.
  • Updated dev-libs/libxml2 has been upgraded to 2.9.4
  • Updated media-libs/tiff package to the 4.0.8
  • Update net-libs/gnutls to 3.3.28
  • Update dev-libs/libgcrypt to 1.6.5-r1

For more information on Engine Yard Gentoo 2016, see the Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 docs.



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