Pending Engine Yard Sale

Over the last decade, Engine Yard, Inc. has worked to build the best Ruby on Rails platform in the market.  We are excited to announce that we are in the final stages of selling our cloud-based service business to Engine Yard Enterprises, Inc. (“Engine Yard Enterprises”), an affiliate of Crossover, Inc. (“Crossover”) (the “Transaction”).  The combined teams of Crossover and Engine Yard Enterprises will be able to invest even further on our Ruby on Rails platform optimizations and provide immediate access to a larger pool of top talent to introduce even higher level of support capabilities for our customers.
    Pursuant to the terms of your customer agreement, we hereby provide you written notice of the Transaction. This notice shall also be deemed to constitute written notice pursuant to the Agreement to any future merger of Engine Yard Enterprises with an affiliate company.
I understand that changes like this can generate questions so please reach out if you’d like to discuss with me directly.  I am personally very excited for our team and our customers based on the strength, both technically and the resource footprint, which this transaction brings to us.  Please note that the Transaction is still confidential, and not broadly known within or outside our community. Please help me keep this confidential for now.  Shortly following the closing, Engine Yard Enterprises and Crossover will follow up with you.  We expect this to be a seamless transition.
Thank you for your continued business.
Very truly yours,
Shawn Hermann, General Manager
Engine Yard, Inc.


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