Adding AWS Elasticache Redis to a Kontainers Application


Engine Yard Kontainers makes embracing NoOps implementation easy by offering a built-in method to incorporate an AWS Elasticache Redis instance in your Cluster. AWS Elasticache is a fully managed in-memory data store with sub-millisecond response times. From the EYK Web Console, you can create a new Elasticache Redis instance and connect it to your application.


  1. Login to the EYK Web Console
    • You will arrive on the Applications page:
      1. Click on the Resources drop-down at the top of the page
      2. Click on Redis

    • You will arrive on the Redis page:
      1. Click the Add Redis button

    • You will arrive on the Add Redis page:
      1. Cluster: Select the Cluster where you want the Elasticache Redis instance deployed
      2. Redis Name: Enter a Name for your Redis instance
      3. Create Redis: Click this button to create your Redis instance

    • You will be returned to the Redis page where details on your new Redis instance can be found:
      1. Cluster: Name of the Cluster where the instance is located
      2. Name: Name of the Redis instance that you assigned
      3. Cache URL: Endpoint URL for your Redis instance that you will incorporate into your application that includes an icon to copy the URL to your clipboard
      4. Actions: At the initial creation the View button will have a spinner to indicate that the Redis cluster is being initialized. 

      5. View Button: After the initialization, the View button can be clicked to see details about the Redis cluster.

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