Free Trial and Credit Offer

As an introductory offer for new users of the Engine Yard Kontainers platform we are offering a 7 day trial of a private Cluster with zero Platform Fee, plus $100 credit towards any OCU, traffic, storage or other charges.

Please ensure to read the Small Print to avoid any unexpected or unwanted charges.


The Small Print:

  • The $100 credit is sufficient to cover the cost of up to 6 OCUs for the full 7 days, plus up to 600GB of application traffic, 800GB of S3 storage and 200GB of DB storage, or any combination thereof, based on the AWS usage rates.
  • The 7 day period will begin when the first Cluster for an account is created by the customer via the Kontainers dashboard.
  • After the 7 day trial is over, the Cluster will by-default continue to run, becoming chargeable at the standard Platform Fee rate of $800 per month (prorated to the hour), plus usage costs for OCU, traffic and storage.
  • For users wishing to continue using the platform, no action is required, the Cluster can continue to be used as-is and charges for usage past the trial period for the remaining of the calendar month will be issued in the following calendar month, and then going forward issued monthly in arrears.
  • For users wishing to discontinue use of the platform, the Cluster should be deleted. Deletion can be done via the Delete button located at the top of the Cluster information section on the Clusters page of the Kontainers dashboard. If required, Cluster deletion assistance can be requested from our Support Team. IMPORTANT: To avoid any charges, users must delete the Cluster before the 7 day trial period is complete.
  • Any portion of the unused $100 credit is void once the 7 day trial period is complete.
  • Only one Cluster and one $100 credit shall be granted per Engine Yard account or customer, where customer is defined as the end-user individual and/or organization.


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