UTF-8 Characters in Your User Name Can Cause Deploys to Fail

Using UTF-8 characters in your name can cause the dashboard to mark your deploy as failed. In most cases the deploy itself went fine, but it reports as failed in the dashboard.


!> Unexpected system error during command execution.
!> Make sure your instances are reachable, then try again or file a support ticket.
!> Please include this Exception ID in the ticket: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Deploy is marked as failed.
The deploying user has a UTF-8 character in their name.
All instances are reachable.
New code/application appears to be running as expected, despite the deploy failure message.

Why this happens

UTF-8 Characters in user name such as “ä” sometimes conflict with the character encoding the dashboard expects, causing an error and marking the deploy as failed.


Change your user name and exclude any non-ASCII compliant characters.

Special thanks go to Petteri Räty for reporting this issue.

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    Petteri Räty

    It should be noted that it has been a while since I saw the issue and deploys have worked in the meanwhile.

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