Use Termination Protection

This document describes how to use the termination protection feature on Engine Yard. When you enable the termination protection feature, Engine Yard will ask users to re-enter their passwords before terminating the instances or environments. This extra step helps to ensure that users do not mistakenly terminate instances or environments. After the password is entered, there is a period of time (5 minutes) during which multiple instances can be terminated without having to re-enter the password.

Get started with termination protection on Engine Yard


  • This article assumes you already have an Engine Yard account. If not, see Sign up for an Engine Yard Account.
  • You must be the account owner to configure the password protect feature.

Configure Termination Protection

You must be the account owner to configure this feature.

To configure termination protection for your environments:

  1. Log in to your Engine Yard account.
  2. Select the relevant environment.
  3. Click Edit Environment in the More Options section.
  4. Select/unselect the checkbox associated with the Termination Protection field.


    Note: This feature must be configured individually for each environment.

Use Termination Protection

Use your own Engine Yard password to terminate instances or stop environments. There is no shared password for this feature.

To terminate instances or stop environments:

  1. Log in to your Engine Yard account.

  2. Select the relevant environment.
  3. To terminate a specific instance, select the terminate_instance_link.png option associated with that instance. Enter your Engine Yard password to continue.

    Note: You must perform this action for each instance.

  4. To stop an environment, select the stop_button.png button for that environment. Enter your Engine Yard password to continue.


You might have these questions about termination protection.

Can only the account owner terminate instances or stop environments?

Only the account owner can enable/disable the termination protection feature but all users with access to your environments can terminate instances and stop environments. If termination protection is enabled, then those users must enter their passwords before the requests are processed.

See Use Collaboration and Access Control on Engine Yard for information on assigning access to individual environments.

If you have feedback or questions about this page, add a comment below. If you need help, submit a ticket with Engine Yard Support.


  • Avatar
    Derek Munneke

    With "Termination protection" enabled we do not see any option to "Terminate" on the Cloud WebUI; has this changed since this article?

    We end up having to turn get a Account Owner to off "Termination protection" when we need to terminate.

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  • Avatar
    Mattias Hallberg

    Hey Engine Yard,

    I am experiencing the same problem and I can unfortunately see that nothing has been done for more than a month. When can we see this fixed?

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