Extend Engine Yard Cloud with Partner Add-on Services

The Engine Yard add-on program gives you the power to add cloud-based functionality from our third-party partners. These services can enhance and extend your application in several ways including:

  • Application development
  • Application services
  • Database services
  • Management and monitoring
  • Stack options

Important: If you set up New Relic with the original integration (Account Settings page), you should not attempt to use the new add-on with the same account. If you would like to convert from the original integration to the new add-on, contact Engine Yard Support.

How to get started with add-on services

Deploy a partner add-on service

Choose the add-on service you want to extend your application. Note that each partner add-on deployment is unique, but with similar steps.

Some partner add-ons require 4 major steps: (Sign up > Activate > Update code > Deploy)


Some partner add-ons require fewer steps: (Sign up)


To deploy a partner add-on service

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. In Engine Yard Cloud, click add-ons on the toolbar.

  3. Select the partner service you want. Click the partner box to learn more about the add-on service. 

    Review the add-on signup page to learn more about the partner add-on service.

  4. Click addons_signup.png to accept the terms and conditions.

    In some cases, when you click Sign up you are ready to go.

    In other cases, clicking Sign up takes you to the partner website. Follow the partner's instructions.

    Important: You need to return to Engine Yard Cloud to complete the deployment, then click Activate on an environment.

  5. On the activate page, choose the environment to extend with the partner add-on service.

  6. Click addons_activate.png to enable the partner add-on service on your application instance.

    In some cases, that's all there is to do; your partner add-on service is now available.

    In other cases, you need to update code before your add-on service is available.

  7. Click Next to see the required code changes you need to make.

    Follow the instructions on the update code page.

    When you have completed the code update, click Next.

  8. On the deploy page, click the link to go to your application environment.

  9. On the environment page, click deploy_button.png to deploy the code changes for the partner add-on service.

Note: Your add-on charges (if any) appear on your Engine Yard Cloud account bill. You do not get a separate bill from the add-on partner.

Manage the add-on service

You should verify that the add-on deployment was successful.

To manage your add-on service

  1. In Engine Yard Cloud, click Tools > Dashboard on the toolbar.

  2. Click on the environment name.

  3. Scroll down to the add-ons section.

  4. Click a partner name link to go to the page for that add-on.


  5. Click Browse all Add-ons if you want to activate another add-on.

  6. Use the Deactivate and Activate buttons as needed.

View the add-on data for your application

After an environment has been configured and updated with the new add-on, you can access your partner account directly from Engine Yard Cloud to view your application data.

To view add-on data for your application

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. In Engine Yard Cloud, click add-ons on the toolbar.

  3. Click Enabled in the navigation bar.

  4. Click the partner box.

  5. Click View my [partner] account link.

    This links to the partner website where you can review your data.
    Tip: Bookmark this partner page.


When I view the partner data, it looks like it's not set up yet. The gem is installed and is in production.         If the partner required code updates, then you must click Deploy to update the configuration with the add-on.

If you have feedback or questions about this page, add a comment below. If you need help, submit a ticket with Engine Yard Support.


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