Engine Yard Kontainers: First steps

By the time you get access to the Engine Yard Kontainers resources you should already have the following:

The above are just what you need in order to get started. Let's see how you may deploy your first application. 

step 1: install the eyk tool

Just download the compatible version of the tool for your machine and put the binary in the search path:



step 2: login

In order to be able to use the eyk tool you should first login:

    eyk ssologin https://deis.***.kontaineryard.io

step 3: upload your ssh key

In order to be able to deploy code, you will need to upload your ssh key. To do so just issue:

    eyk keys:add ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub 

step 4: create your application

Each application that will be hosted on Engine Yard Kontainers will need to be first created. The creation of the application practically means that some predefined resources will be created on the platform side and that you will get a git remote in your working machine. To do so issue:

    eyk apps:create <your_application_name> --remote=<your_application's_name_remote>

That's it. Now you may issue eyk info --app=<your_application_name> in order to see what has been created for you. Also, you may issue git remote -v in order to see the remote that has been added.

step 5: add more users

User who already have access to the EYCloud UI will automatically have access to EYK.  Any managing of users can be done following the steps on here.






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