"Error: Unauthorized: Missing or Invalid Token" when running EYK CLI commands


The customer is getting the following error when executing the "eyk apps" CLI command despite being successfully logged in using eyk ssologin command:

"Error: Unauthorized: Missing or Invalid Token"


New EYK clusters created since release 1.8 will by default be version 1.8.

Due to changes in SSO configuration in 1.8 clusters, it is necessary to upgrade the EYK CLI tool to minimum version 1.0.1, if not the latest version (recommended).

Customers can download and install the latest EYK CLI tool by following the procedure outlined in Download the Kontainers CLI Tool.

You are advised to bookmark the Engine Yard Kontainers Release Notes section in order to stay up to date with any changes and required actions when new releases are made. As of April 2021, the latest version is Engine Yard Kontainers 1.8 for which the Release notes are available at Engine Yard Kontainers 1.8 Release Notes - April 6th 2021.

Note: The Windows-native version of the CLI tool is not maintained and will be deprecated in favor of running the EYK CLI tool under the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Customers using Windows environments are strongly advised to install the Linux version using WSL.


Download and install the latest EYK CLI tool for your OS and confirm that you can successfully execute CLI commands without errors as shown:



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