"pre-receive hook declined" error while deploying an application to EYK


You are encountering the "pre-receive hook declined" error while executing git push to deploy an application to EYK. 

Sample error message:

Error running git receive hook [The controller returned an error when publishing the   
release: Post "http://<ip addr>:80/v2/hooks/build/": EOF]
To ssh://eyk-builder.<cluster-name>.<account-name>.ey.io:2222/<application repo>.git
! [remote rejected] pagc-230-replace-pundit-with-oso ->
pagc-230-replace-pundit-with-oso (pre-receive hook declined)
error: failed to push some refs to
'ssh://git@eyk-builder.<cluster-name>.<account-name>.ey.io:2222/<application repo>.git


Below are some common reasons why the  "pre-receive hook declined" git error may be encountered while deploying an application to EYK using thegit push CLI command:

  1. Your code is behind someone else's commits. This can be fixed by doing git pull first from the "eyk" remote or checking with any other user who might have pushed before you.
  2. Very large files were added to commit or some other change in the code that triggered the decline rules.
  3. Permission to push (user access/ssh keys setup to the app as per EYK docs). Refer to Set up SSH keys for information on creating SSH keys.



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