Troubleshooting Instance Issues


If you are having issues with an instance in your environment and the cause of the issue is not apparent in the UI, you will need to access the instance to review the available logs and the application's status in order to find the cause for the issue. 


  1. Access EYC.
  2. On your Dashboard, click the environment name.
  3. Locate the instance with an issue.
  4. Click on the Copy PHA to clipboard option for the instance.
  5. Connect to the instance via SSH
  6. Run ps aux to verify if all processes are running.  
  7. Run monit summary, to verify that all processes are running correctly according to monit.
  8. Check the nginx status: /etc/init.d/nginx status.
  9. Review the available chef logs by running ls -l /var/log/chef.*.
  10. Read any of the chef log files using the cat command. 
  11. Review the available application logs by running ls -l /var/log/engineyard/apps/[application_name]
  12. Review any of the application logs using the cat command. 
  13. Navigate to the deploy folder: cd /home/deploy/.
  14. List the available files using ls -ltarh to locate the log of the latest deployment
  15. Review the file with the following name: [app_name]-integrate-ip-[ip].ec2.internal.log using the less command. less [app_name]-integrate-ip-[ip].ec2.internal.log. In this log, the symbol ~> is included before each stage of the process.
    • You can also use the grep command to only show all stages. grep '~>' [app_name]-integrate-ip-[ip].ec2.internal.log


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