Can I use my Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) with Engine Yard Cloud?

Jamie Miller

Yes, you can connect to your existing RDS instance, although the RDS will not be backed up or supported by Engine Yard. The connection to the RDS can be configured through a custom Chef recipe. (For general information about Chef recipes, see  Customize your environment with Chef recipes.)

In order for your Engine Yard application instances to connect to your RDS environment, you have to create a DB Security Group in the RDS environment and authorize your application Amazon Account ID to connect to that DB Security Group. For more information, see  Working with DB Security Groups.

Note: If you are using a clustered environment, you still need a master database instance; but, in this case, choose the smallest instance for the Engine Yard database because you aren't using it for your application data.

Note: If you have the AWS "default VPC" feature set for your account, then you cannot use Amazon RDS with that account. See or contact Engine Yard Support.

joshua mckinney

Im sure this is a silly question but where do you get your "application Amazon Account ID" from Engine Yard?

J. Austin Hughey

Hi Josh,

If you open a ticket with our support team, we'll discuss this with you through that ticket. Thanks!

Tyler Bird

Josh, et al.

Open a ticket with us requesting the security group information for the relevant environment. Once we have responded with this information add an inbound rule to the security group your RDS instance is a member of granting access to this group on the appropriate database port. Please be aware that this does not encrypt traffic between the database and the RDS instance, but this traffic is documented as internal to the AWS network.

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