What are best practices for Solr

We have solr in our stack, and wonder what others do for best practices?

For instance, how do you configure monit to handle Solr?  Or do you use God / another?


I'm hoping this can be the catch-all point for Solr discussion, and eventually be edited into an article for the best-practices section.

Cheers, and Thanks,


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John Yerhot

Hi Zak,

Well, Solr is not technically supported by Engine Yard, but we do have a cookbook you can use to get started.  Check out our help doc on using Custom Chef Recipes if they're new to you.

The cookbook will install 1.3.0 or 1.4.1 by default.  It may require a small amount of tinkering to install a  different version, but should be fairly trivial.

The recipe will configure Monit to keep an eye on Solr and will install it on Solo or Utility instances by default - We definitely recommend running Solr on it's own Utility instance.

As far as using Solr with Rails, there is always Sunspot and you can also try Solrsan as well, though it's not been updated for a while.  We recommend trying Sunspot.

Hopefully that'll give you enough information to get started, but do let us know if there is anything else you need or if someone else has a question or helpful hint!

John Yerhot, US Support Manager

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