More complete API docs

It would be helpful if all the API end points were documented. It would greatly help if the range of values were documented for all enum type fields in the results

For example the set of legal values for framework_stack_name, and similar fields. Currently it looks like I need to use the ui to determine the legal values by repeatedly editing an environment or app then getting the API results.

While I can deduce some end points from the CLI client and the web ui. It would be better if they were all documented in one organized place. Not all of the current docs are directly linked from a single index type page.

Michael Latta

It looks like the API is much more limited than I originally thought.  The current early access docs may cover all the currently available API interfaces.  There are clearly more functions supported by the web ui than the current API supports, and the similarity in URLs mislead me to think there were more calls available.  The documentation still needs to include range of values for results not just arguments.

The following API functions would be very helpful:

1) Deployment history.

2) Alerts.

3) More detailed instance status from the monitoring agent.

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Tasha Drew

Hi Michael --

Just to follow up on this thread, I wanted to let you know that we're currently working on having the API be a first class citizen on our platform. Once we have a fully fledged API ready to go and integrated with the next generation of our platform, we plan to release it with complete documentation. 

I will add you to a list of customers who are interested in that, and will let you know when we have this in early access so you can try it out! We love customer feedback and always appreciate it when people are interested in trying things out and letting us know what they think.

Cheers, Tasha 

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