MySQL 5.6 Early Access Chef Failure

We have become aware of an issue in version handling for Early Access MySQL 5.6 on the Stable-v4 platform. This issue occurs when the version control file (/db/.lock_db_version) has a comma , inserted in it. This comma results in a version mismatch which causes the main chef run to fail with the following message:

[2013-12-04T09:58:35+00:00] INFO: Chef does not know about MySQL version 5.6.14,

We have identified a fix that will be pushed as a part of our next release (anticipated Tuesday, 12/10).


Environments encountering this error will need to have the trailing comma removed manually from the version locking file and then have chef rerun by clicking 'Apply' on the dashboard. Once fixed for an environment this issue will not re-occur unless minor version updates are enabled then subsequently disabled.

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