Two-factor authentication

To help secure my account even further, it would be good if EngineYard allowed me to enable Two-factor authentication where I would need to enter a code sent by sms to my phone before I was logged in. (Maybe using a service like


Official comment

Zlatko Unger

For anyone coming from, Engine Yard has the ability to turn on 2FA. Please open a ticket and one of our support team members will assist you.

Tasha Drew

Hi Scott, 

We already have this as a staff only feature that all staff are required to use. If you'd like it enabled, we can enable it for you, it lacks a certain amount of polish around resets, etc., which is why we haven't made it public. Basically, when you get a new phone, you'll need to open a ticket for us to reset your 2-factor auth instead of us having any nice and streamlined way to handle it. 


Scott Sherwood

Hi Tasha,

Yes, if you could enable it for me, that would be great.



Tasha Drew

Ok cool, I opened a ticket for you.

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