What is Engine Yard Kontainers? Engine Yard Kontainers (EYK) is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for deploying and managing applications in containers. EYK runs application containers on a fully-managed Kubernetes infrastructure. It is designed to allow developers to shift from DevOps to NoOps, as they don’t need to spend additional time on deployments aside from a single code push command. EYK leverages your existing configuration management command-line interface (CLI) to run deployments using a new remote eyk target. The platform provides a secure, full-stack environment for your applications which includes monitoring, load-balancing, and auto-scaling. EYK provides a simple web console and CLI that you use to define and configure your applications. You can provision and leverage additional cloud resources in your application including databases, storage, and caching. The platform gives any developer access to easily deploy scalable, reliable applications on a robust platform that also includes 24x7 customer support. This guide explains the core concepts of EYK such as accounts, clusters, applications, containers, and how to work with these resources using the EYK CLI and web console.